Sara Mieth
European Liaison Officer

Sara Mieth was 1997/1998 a volunteer in the European Voluntary Service Program in Belgium with the Organisation Diaconical Year abroad.

She studied social work (1998- 2002) in Berlin with a focus on community organizing. After completing her studies, she worked for six years (2002- 2008) in France with the association „Les Francas“, mainly in the international exchange of children and youths, and has also set up the EVS with the partner organisations.
Afterwards she worked (2009- 2014) as sending coordinator to Africa with ICJA volunteer exchange worldwide e.V.

In addition to her role as European Liaison Officer, Sara Mieth is also a National Commissioner at ASF Belgique /Belgie, the Belgian partner organisation of Aktion Sühnzeichen Friedensdienste.