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About our Organisation

The protestant group of supporting bodies represents around 60 organisations which include youth work Diakonie, Churches and free churches, which offer regional, national and international voluntary services. In addition to the Diaconal year abroad they offer a joint international programme. The Protestant group of supporting bodies has decades of experience in offering voluntary services. From the beginning they have viewed voluntarily services as an educational and orientational time for people and have developed them in accordance with unified quality standards. Every year around 14500 volunteers are working within the Protestant group a of supporting bodies.

The Evangelische Freiwilligendienste gGmbH as the central office carries the overall responsibility nationally and internationally for the Protestant group of supporting bodies in Diakonie, church, politics and society in relation to voluntary services.

Programmes with whom these organisations work:


Affiliations with umbrella organisations and networks:

The Evangelischen Freiwilligendienste are a company limited owned by the Diakonie Deutschland and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Evangelischen Jugend in Deutschland e.V. 
We work closely with the Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland (EKD) and are a member of the Konferenz evangelische Freiwilligendienste (KeF). A service point for international voluntary services run by the KeF is located in our offices.

The Evangelischen Freiwilligendienste are a member of the Ecumenical Diaconal Year Network (EDYN), a union of church organisations which offer the Diaconal year in a variety of countries I in Europe and worlswide.


Countries of operation:

Participation in EVS:
Some of our supporting bodies work in the EFD.

E-Mail: support-bt-ausland@ev-freiwilligendienste.de
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